About Your Home Inspector

Scott Snow – CPI

Scott Snow – Certified Professional Inspector

I am an Encinitas native, living in the beautiful town of Leucadia, California along with being surrounded by my amazing wife, daughters, and grandchildren. I have been in the home inspection industry for many years now.

My passion and interest for the home inspection industry all started as a young child. I would spend my summer days following around and observing my hero, who I call my grandfather Ted Harper. He was a successful Construction Project Manager for the Bechtel Corporation back in the 60’s and 70’s.

I had the pleasure to spend time with him during his many site visits, up and down the coast. He is the one who inspired me into having the passion for the construction industry. For this reason, I named my company after him, Harper Property Inspections.

And that is why our company means so much to us. We are not just an inspection company with a catchy name. I work hard to live up to his legacy and provide the best inspections possible.

My career started off when I started to build several homes from the ground up. During that time, I knew I wanted to inspect the work that is put into building homes. It made me feel compelled to find a profession that would allow me to appreciate both my interest in building, along with my education and background to help create a company with principle. That is when I launched my own career in home inspecting.

My Certifications and Services

In addition to being certified as a home inspector, I also have the following certifications and credentials.